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  • Gate Valve

    Forged gate valve, cast gate valve, through conduit gate valve. Vatac Gate valves are compact designed and properly machined, which is completely in accordance with most updated International Standards of ASME B16.34, DIN 3202, GOST or equivalents. Vatac offers a broad line of Cast & Forged Gate in both B.B & P.S designs.

  • Globe Valve

    Cast globe valve, Vatac offers a broad line of Cast & Forged globe valves in both Straight Through and Angle Pattern. Size ranges from 1/2" to 24", Pressure Ratings from CL150 to CL2500. which can be your best choice for the applications of throttling and regulation in most cases.

  • Check Valve

    Cast check valve, forged check valve, dual plate check valve, Check Valve is one type of which normally allows fluid to flow through it in only one direction. Vatac Check Valves are available in Types of Swing, Tilting Disc, Wafer & Axial-flow Non-slam, which is designed to the updated intl standards.

  • Wafer Check Valve

    Wafer check valve, swing check valve, lubricated plug valve is one main product range from Vatac, we offer a broad line of wafer checks in both Single Disc & Dual Plate, also in Tilting Disc. Fabricated from Cast or Ductile Iron, Carbon or Stainless Steel, specials like Duplex, Alum. Bronze. Standards to the most updated international standards

  • Plug Valve

    Eccentric plug valve, sleeve plug valve, Vatac offers a wide range of Plugs in Lubricated, Sleeved, Orbit and Eccentric; Designed and manufactured strictly according to ASME B16.34, DIN3202 or equivalents, which can be serviced in many different fluid conditions and slurry industries

  • Slab Gate Valve

    Vatac Through Conduit Gate Valves are available both in Standard Slab Gate & Double Expanding Gates, designed and manufactured to the utmost updated standards, which is typically suitable for wet, sour, liquid or gaseous hydrocarbon services

  • Non-slam Nozzle Check Valve

    Axial Flow Non slam check valves or Nozzle Check Valves from Vatac are designed and manufactured strictly to updated International Standards of ASME B16.34 or Equivalent Vatac Non Slam Check valves are specifically designed for fast-reversing systems where backflow is a constant concern. In such critical service applications, Vatac Non-Slam or Nozzle Check Valves offer the following benefits.

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