Blowout Protector - BOP

The Vatac Blowout Preventer - BOP is one of the most widely used into oil filed platform and subsea applications worldwide. Vatac is one of the leading suppliers in building BOP to meet the changing demands of the petroleum industry. Vatac offers a broad line of RAM andAnnular Blowout Preventer-BOP to fit your drilling needs. The various models vary by size, features, and pressure ratings. 

Annular Blowout Preventer
Vatac Annular Blowout Preventers BOPs are manufactured to standards NACE MR-01-75 for H2S service. Available in sizes from 7-1/16" to 21-1/4" and in working pressures from 2000 to 15,000 psi. The Vatac Annular Blowout preventer - BOP is designed with a quick-release top combined by a one-piece split lock ring permits quick packer change-out with no loose parts involved. This updated design providing visual detection of the Top status in Locked or Unlocked position. 

Features and Benefits:

» Easy and Simplify Field Maintenance

» Field Replaceable Trim which ensures complete system can be removed or change out in Field

» Vent Chamber separated double sealing to isolate the BOP operating system from well bore pressures

» Metal to Metal contacts is completely removed by a high strength Bearing, whereas all moving parts wears from the operating system may be reduced effectively.

» Working Pressure: 2000psi,3000psi,5000psi, 10000psi,15000psi

» Size: 7-1/16",9",11",13-5/8",16-3/4", 18-3/4",20-3/4",21-1/4"

» Production Spec Levels: PSL1 thru PSL 4

» Temperature Rating: T75, T25, T0

» To NACE MR-01-75 for H2S Service

Ram Blowout Preventer
The Vatac Ram Blowout Preventers are designed to close the well and prevent free blowouts that may occur when drilling and bringing in oil and gas wells which is available in single and double Ram configuration, manufactured strictly according the most updated international standards, available in sizes from 7-1/16" thru 21-1/4" and pressures of 2,000PSI-15,000PSI. 

The Vatac Ram Blowout Preventer offers a unique combination of benefits in safety, economy, reliability, fast and easy service & maintenance, long service life, and reduced space. With an advantage and features as below:

» Sealing can be maintained even with the loss of BOP operating pressure by energizing well pressure on the ram

» Ram assembly provides a pressure energized seal with maximum contact area with the drill pipe, casing, or tubing, providing a lower rubber pressure to increase a seal life properly

» The ram assemblies are locked manually In shut off position.

» Oval ram and cavity design reduces stress effectively from the BOP body

» Drill pipes, tubing or casing is pushed to a center position by Centering Guides by special machining practice

» Bonnet is separated by the hydraulic opening bonnets from the body to ensure the ram assembly for a quick change out

» Fast and reliable closure of the well bore is realized by the BOP hydraulic operating systems, providing a quick ram change-out

» Two sealing systems of well pressure and hydraulic fluid pressure is well separated beside hydraulic fluid pressure

» Structures in Bonnets opened, locking screws out - Bonnets closed, locking screws in

» Outlets: 2 1/16" flange or studded flange (other dimension on request)

» Hydraulic system connection: 1"

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