Expansion and Joint
The Vatac Rubber Flexible Joints (Rubber Joint) are ideal in heating and air conditioning systems, where low initial cost and maximum reliability are a must. The Vatac connectors have EPDM cover, providing excellent resistance to sunlight, ozone, oxidation and is resistant to damage from dropping oil. These items are with a EPDM tube, which is good for hot and cold-water service & mild chemicals.

The fully molded Single Sphere design provides greater flexibility, thus protecting mating flanges, especially PVC  and fiberglass types. The steel flanges easily rotate on the bellows,  which makes it easier to line up the bolt holes during installation when counter-flanges are out of line. Separate retaining rings are never required. With a temperature rating of -20°C to 100° C ., the standard sizes range from 1" through 24".
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