Steam & Boiling System
  • Bellow Valve

    Bellow Sealed Valves, bellow globe valve are mainly devided in types of Bellow Sealed Gate Valves & Bellow Sealed Globe Valves, Vatac Bellow Sealed valves are with long cycle life bellows up to 3000, in Stainless Steel Materials.

  • Butterfly Valve

    Vatac offers a broad line of butterfly valves in both Con-centric and Eccentric Structures, Metal & Reslient Seated Designs. Bi-directional bubble-tight shut off up to pressure class 2500LB. Meets or exceeds updated Intl Standards of ASME B16.34.

  • Strainer

    A strainer is essentially a screen installed to allow liquids to pass through, but not larger items. The larger items fall to the bottom or are held in a basket for later clean out. Vatac offers a wide range of strainers in types of Y Strainers, T Strainers & Basket Strainers etc.

  • Steam Trap

    A steam trap is a device used to discharge condensate and non condensable gases. As a proud & leading manufacture and supplier for the Steam Traps, Vatac offers these product Line mainly in the types of free floating ball, inverted bucket & thermo-dymatics.

  • Safety Valve

    Vatac Safety Relief valves are factory set, tested, sealed and tagged to service your specific appli-cation in Air, Steam, Gas or Liquid areas. The pressure relief or pop off point are set in accord-ance to the safety and capacity requirements of DIN, ASME Norms.

  • Needle Valve

    Needle valves are usually used in flow meterings, especially when a constant, calibrated, low flow rate must be maintained for some time, such as the idle fuel flow in a carburetor. Vatac offers shutoff and regulating needle valves for both general and severe services.

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