Surface Safety Valve

The Vatac Surface Safety valve is used in conjunction with an emergency shut down system (ESD) which will be normally installed upstream of the choke manifold. The valve is remotely operated either manually by push button or automatically triggered by high/low pressure pilots. When a remote station is activated the emergency shut down panel acts as a receiver for the air signal. The unit translates this signal into a hydraulic response which bleeds the control line pressure off of the actuator and closes the fail closed valve.

The Vatac surface safety valve is used to provide fast response valve closure for isolating the well in the event of an emergency, Vatac surface safety valves are hydraulically actuated failsafe gate valves designed to close upon loss of control line pressure. The Safety valve is used to quickly shut in the well in the event of a leak to, overpressure or failure of any of the downstream welltest equipment.

Features and Benefits:

»Size Ranges: 2 1/16” thru 7 1/16”

» Pressures: 5,000psi thru 15,000psi

» Materials: AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF

» Production Spec Levels: PSL3 thru PSL 4

» Temperature Rating: L ~U

» Can be used as a stand alone ESD system

» Provides immediate well isolation in event of downstream equipment failure

» Prevents overpressure to downstream equipment


» Onshore and offshore oil and gas well testing and clean up Operations HPHT

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