Components and Fittings

Vatac is proud to announce a complete solution for oilfield components and fittings on-shore and off-shore, all these items are properly manufactured and strictly conforming to the latest version of tmost updated international standards. Vatac wellhead equipments, components and fittings are well designed and supplied fully certified in accordance with the recognized oilfield equipment standards.

» Specification for Choke & Kill Systems

» Recommended Practice for Blow Out Prevention Systems for Drilling Wells

» Specification for Wellhead and Christmas Tree Equipment» NACE MR-01-75 - Sulphide Stress Cracking Resistant Metallic Materials for Oilfield Equipment

Spacer spool - Vatac designs and manufactures spacer spool end connection which are suitable for wellhead extension, BOP installation, choke & kill manifold spools and production manifold.

Drilling spool - Drilling spool is used for BOP hookup, usually has the same nominal top and bottom end connections. Side outlet may differ from each other. Top, bottom and side end connections can be hub or flanged end. Vatac drilling spool are such designed to allow smooth circulation of mud during the drilling environment.

Drilling diverter spool - Drilling Diverter spool is used to direct an uncontrolled flow which may generate from a shallow zone during well drilling activities. Diverter spool pressure rating should be equal to or greater than annular blow out preventer's pressure rating and should have 2 number of minimum 6" size side outlets.

Cross over Spool - A crossover spool is designed to avoid the bolt fit up fouling and to allow connection of different drilling equipment. Crossover spools can be a single piece forged or welded configuration. Crossover spools end connections may differ from one another in nominal size and pressure rating. Vatac design and manufacture cross over spool in various sizes and pressure ratings. Each spool is pressure tested and drift tested prior to dispatch.

Flange - Vatac manufacture flanges in various sizes & pressure ratings strictly to standards of flanges are ring joint type and are not designed for face-to-face make-up. Bolting force acts on the metallic ring gasket. With a standard design of through bolted or studded structure. This series will mainly covers Welding neck flanges, Blind flanges and Threaded flanges. While flanges are ring joint type, with BX Ring Gasket Grove and with raising face. flanges include Welding neck flanges, Blind flanges and Target flanges

Clamp Connection - Clamp is a matting device, allowing faster and easier make up to Hubs. design and manufacture clamps in accordance withthe most updated international standards
. Vatac Clamp Connections are designed with 360-rotation permits a limited space & ease of access to stud and nuts. 

BOP Test stump - BOP test stump is a device to be used for testing bop at drilling rig. Vatac design and manufacture Blowout Preventer BOP test stump to customer specified and product specification. Vatac Test Stump Base plate is designed to accommodate rig space constraint. Lifting lugs are provided for easy handling.

Double studded adapter flange - DSAF provides an ideal solution by hooking up two different equipments of different size and pressure rating. Vatac design and manufacture Double studded adapter flange. DSAF is a combination of different size flange and pressure rating.

Frac Head / Goat Head - Vatac frac heads are manufactured from hardened steel and feature field-proven durable welds at the branches. Vatac customizes frac head or Goat Head based orders to customer specifications. Vatac frac heads are durable units designed to provide increased flexibility on customer job sites, while providing a consistent flow path. 

Flanged crosses & tees / Studded crosses & tees / Flange to hub crosses & tees - Crosses & Tees are used at choke manifold assembly or at standpipe manifold assembly to divert, bypass or distribute the fluid flow. Integral end connection can be realized by using block forging. Welded construction can also be manufactured according to customized specifications.

Vatac provides various components and fittings that are required during the frac-tree assembly and testing process. Moreover, Bolts, Nuts, Ring Gaskets, Gate Valve Body + Parts and other related oilfield fittings and parts will be also fall within the Vatac’s supplying scope.
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