Butterfly Valve

Vatac offers a broad line of butterfly valves in both Con-centric and Eccentric Structures, Metal & Reslient Seated Designs. Bi-directional bubble-tight shut off up to pressure class 2500LB. Meets or exceeds updated Intl Standards of ASME B16.34.

Metal seated butterfly valve, The Butterfly Valve, one type of which may be used in a variety of systems aboard ship. These valves can be used effectively in freshwater, saltwater, lube oil, and chill water systems aboard ship. The butterfly valve is light in weight, relatively small, relatively quick-acting, provides positive shut-off, which can be used for throttling.Butterfly valves are valves with a circular body and a rotary motion disk closure member which is pivotally supported by its stem. A butterfly valve can appear in various styles, including eccentric and high-performance valves. These are normally a type of valve that uses a flat plate to control the flow of water. As well as this, butterfly valves are used on firefighting apparatus and typically are used on larger lines, such as front and rear suction ports and tank to pump lines. A butterfly valve is also a type of flow control device, used to make a fluid start or stop flowing through a section of pipe. The valve is similar in operation to a ball valve. Rotating the handle turns the plate either parallel or perpendicular to the flow of water, shutting off the flow. It is a very well known and well used design.

A butterfly valve is a valve which can be used for isolating or regulating flow. The closing mechanism takes the form of a disk. Operation is similar to that of a ball valve, which allows for quick shut off. Butterfly valves are generally favored because they are lower in cost to other valve designs as well as being lighter in weight, meaning less support is required. The disc is positioned in the center of the pipe, passing through the disc is a rod connected to an actuator on the outside of the valve. Rotating the actuator turns the disc either parallel or perpendicular to the flow. Unlike a ball valve, the disc is always present within the flow, therefore a pressure drop is always induced in the flow, regardless of valve position.

To close or open a butterfly valve, turn the handle only one quarter turn to rotate the disk 90°. Some larger butterfly valves may have a handwheel that operates through a gearing arrangement to operate the valve. This method is used especially where space limitation prevents of a long Lever.

There are different kinds of butterfly valves, each adapted for different pressures and different usage. The resilient butterfly valve, which uses the flexibility of rubber, has the lowest pressure rating. The high performance butterfly valve, used in slightly higher-pressure systems, features a slight offset in the way the disc is positioned, which increases the valve's sealing ability and decreases its tendency to wear. The valve best suited for high-pressure systems is the triple offset butterfly valve, which makes use of a metal seat, and is therefore able to withstand a greater amount of pressure.

Vatac offers a broad line of Butterfly Valves, in types of Con-centric, Single Eccentric (Offset), Double Eccentric (Offset) & Tri- Eccentric (Offset); Ends Connections of Wafer, Flanged, Butt-weld, Lugged & Grooved; Constructured in both Metal to metal & Resilient Seated. A wide range of applications from vacuum to very high pressure, and from low to very high temperature service

Vatac Butterfly Valves are used in a broad range of applications, from simple water lines, to extremely corrosive chemicals, to nuclear power plants. Vatac is a market leader in providing valves for difficult services, including:Highly corrosive applications in chemical and petro-chemical plants, Chlorine gas, semi-conductor, pulp stock and paper industry, crude, diesel fuel, fresh water and seawater in ship-building or on existing cargo, tanker or passenger ships Food applications, LNG liquefaction, LNG tanker ships and LNG receiving terminals

Vatac butterfly valves have been solving fluid control problems in oilfield and general industrial applications for over 30 years. Today Vatac Technologies is putting that experience to work for you in more ways than ever before- meeting your changing needs with dependable Vatac butterfly valves and accessories.

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