Gate Valves
Vatac gate valve are offered in a variety of configurations catering for different project requirements or customer preference. Vatac provides a full line of Wellhead Gate valves in both expanding and slab gate design. We offer a full range of materials and classes from general to sour service for manifold and fracture applications. 

» Size Range: 1 13/16" – 7 1/16"
» Material Class: AA - FF, HH to NACE MR-01-75
» Manufactured and tested in accordance with the most updated international standards
» Cast body 2,000- 5,000 psi; Forged body 2,000 - 15,000 psi

FC Gate Valve
Vatac FC Gate Valve combines a forged body and the proven slab-gate and floating seat design used throughout the industry. The slab-gate design provides a metal-to-metal seal on the flow stream and the bolted bonnet provides for ease of maintenance and repair. The Vatac FC Gate Valve has earned a reputation in all types of applications. Available in standard double flange, threaded-end and special block body configurations.  

Features and Benefits

» Bi-directional design provides flow direction versatility and increased service life.
» Positive metal-to-metal sealing (gate-to-seat and seat-to-body)
» Simple, reliable gate and seat design promotes ease of field service and minimal spare parts inventory
» Spring-loaded, pressure energized, non-elastomeric seal between each seat and body assists in low pressure sealing. 

All these advantage ensures Vatac’s new FC Gate Valve Generation: FCS Gate Valves & FLS Gate Valve

Expanding Gate Valves
The Vatac expanding gate valves are designed for oil and natural gas wellhead or other critical service applications with operating pressures from 2,000 psi to 5,000 psi. All Vatac expanding gate valves are available in bore sizes ranging from 2-1/16" through 7-1/16". 

» Operating Temperatures: Rating L (-50 F) thru Y (650 F), X & Y Available against request
» Expanding Gate provides a tight mechanical seal that does not rely on line pressure. This ensures seal integrity at both high and low pressures. 
» Chevron style stem packing is replaceable and can be re-ener­gized by injection between the packing stacks. This ensures efficient sealing for the life of the valve. Graphite packing is used for high-temperature applications.
» The valve body may be lubricated through the grease fittings provided in the valve body. All fittings meet the requirements of NACE MR0175.
» The full through conduit bore provides for smooth flow with minimal turbulence. It also provides an unobstructed passage for well intervention tools.
» All Vatac Expanding Gate valves are drift tested in accordance with the most updated international standards.

Ball-Screw Slab Gate Valve 

The Vatac Forged Body Ball-Screw slab gate valves are designed for High-Pressure / Large-Bore applications which are exposed to abrasive and high fluid volumes such as Fracing Operations or other critical service requirements with working pressures from 10,000psi thru 20,000psi. All Vatac Ball Screw Gate Valves are available in bore sizes from 4 1/16" thru 7 1/16", Material Classes EE thru HH, with features as follows: 

» Full bore design
» Frac valve service
» Low operating torque
» Non-rising stem design
» Forged body and bonnet
» No special tools required for repairs
» Bi-directional flow and seal capabilities
» Fewer turns manually for open-close cycles
» Manual ball screw or hydraulically actuated
» Metal to Metal sealing (gate to seat–seat to body–backseat fire safe seal)
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