Pinch Valve
Vatac Pinch Valves meet Industry Standard face-to-face dimensions accepted by all engineering/design companies, thus allowing nterchangeability with other valves built to the same industry standards.

» Unique elastomer sleeve design results in longer sleeve life because the sleeve does not need to stretch during closing

» Lower maintenance cost as in-line sleeve replacement performed without the need for re-calibration.
» Zero Leakage Shut-off - guaranteed no seize or jam.

Vatac offers a broad line of pinch valves for the flow control system in general and servere service conditions of liquid, powders, solid and abrasive. Vatac Pinch Valve is a reliable and cost effective flow control solution, a flexible sleeve design made of quality fabric-reinforced elastomer materials for maximum resistance to corrosion and wear caused by continuous operation with abrasive slurries, sludge, or effluent. 

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