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Vatac Through Conduit Gate Valves are available both in Standard Slab Gate & Double Expanding Gates, designed and manufactured to the utmost updated standards, which is typically suitable for wet, sour, liquid or gaseous hydrocarbon services

Gate Valves, and in particular Through Conduit Slab and Expanding Gate Valves, provide superior sealing characteristics to any other type of valve configuration. As the demand for Subsea Processing increases, so in turn does the need for high integrity, zero leakage valves along with the demand for services to maintain their function and flow assurance. Not all of these services are sited on Subsea Production Systems, where the need for a weight-saving, space-saving and cost-saving solution is paramount. The types of Gate Valve include valves with Through Conduit Slab, Through Conduit Expanding, Solid Wedge and Flexible wedge gates. Choosing an appropriate Gate Valve is dependent on the duty and the sealing characteristics demanded by the service; Through Conduit Slab Gates depend on the flowline pressure to effect a seal; whereas Expanding and Wedge Gate Valves are positive shut off valves that force the Gate onto the seats to effect a seal through increasing the torque and the thrust. In particular, the Flexiwedge is used for simple shut off duties where high temperatures are involved and to prevent the gate from jamming.

Through Conduit Gate Valves are custom manufactured and supplied with Flanged, Butt Weld, Socket Weld, Hub Connectors, Compact Flange or other proprietary connections. Pressure ratings up to ANSI #2500Lb, temperature ranges from -46 to +175 Deg C and bore sizes from 2” to 42’’. All Vatac Through Conduit Gate Valves have their sealing surfaces hard faced with Tungsten Carbide and can be configured with either Pneumatic or Hydraulic Actuators. All valves are available in Standard and Exotic Materials.

Through conduit gate valve with a diversion hole is equal to that of pipelines of the same specification whose characteristics is shown per hereunder per centum diagram. Through conduit gate valve without a diversion hole with a cavity fly span smaller than that of wedge type gate valves, and it is regularly cylindrical object. Therefore, characteristics of the valves are similar except that they have a large pressure loss, further more, their flux adjustment behavior is better than that of the valves with a diversion hole.

● Gas Industry Service ▲ Gas Production, Offshore ▲ Oil Production ▲ Oil Transportation
● Petrochemical Processing ▲ Petroleum Distribution ▲ Petroleum Production and Refining

● ASME B16.34 ▲ ASME B16.10 ▲ ASME B16.5
● ASME B16.47 ▲ ISO 15156-1 ▲ NACE MR-01-75

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